A lake is a landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.
- Henry David Thoreau


The Frozen Lake [collection] is packed with artsy and realistic items, hand painted watercolor elements and masks, textures, and more. It comes with a free with purchase, that is not available separately (contents of the FWP: 1 accent, 3 (journal) cards, 1 painted&textured paper, crayon scribble, paint splatter, 1 artsy textured transfer, 2 flairs (+ shadowed versions), and 1 artsy frame).

The Frozen Lake [collection] contains the following packs:

The Frozen Lake [elements]: 62 .png (+5 bonus alternates)

The Frozen Lake [cards]: 10 .jpg

The Frozen Lake [accents&transfers]: 9 .png

The Frozen Lake [papers]: 10 .jpg (+3 bonus alternates)

The Frozen Lake [flairs]: 10 .png (+10 shadowed versions)

The Frozen Lake [masks]: 5 .png

The Frozen Lake [solids]: 9 .jpg

The Frozen Lake [word art&quotes]: 21 .png (+1 alternate)

Plus a free with purchase (not available separately): 7 (+2) .png + 4 .jpg


Contents of the collection:

114 .png (+18 bonus alternates)

33 .jpg (+3 bonus alternates)

S4H/ S4O friendly.

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The Frozen Lake - Collection

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