CentaniDesigns | Mixed Variation 6

Golden Oldies mixed together, a fun love combination of valentine wordart and a beautiful love kit. 
All papers in jpg format 3600x3600px 300 dpi, elements png 300 dpi.


Title means: Love everywhere (or something like that ;) 
This kit also contains roman numbers. This is fun when you want to make a layout of your marriage-anniversary. 
Numbers 1 - 20 and XXV (25), XXX (30) and XL (40) 

3 textured flowers 
2 romantic leaves  
1 notepaper 
1 'thumbs up' element 
2 lints 
1 roman number element 
2 2-window frames 
1 dark frame 
2 lighter frames 
2 hearts in penstructure 
1 transparant heart 
1 vintage chrome heart 
1 flying hearts in a silver structure 
3 marriage or friendships rings in different styles 
3 doodles 
1 silver-colored butterfly 

13 Dutch WordArts in different styles 
14 papers in subtle structure, multi-usable for all occasions 


Valentino, a valentine scrapbookkit:

This minikit contains papers and hearts, but these stitches are so fun to use! 
I hope you enjoy this mini kit. 



Valentijnkusje means Valentine kiss. This package has 16 WordArts in Dutch, and as a bonus 2 stickerhearts. 

Valentino WordArt: 
Valentine, romantic WordArt in English. 
Of course you can use this WordArt also for other months. 
Try using them half on a picture or try blending these. The effect will be great! 
9 Wordarts in a heart shape hearts



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Mixed Variation 6

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